Mountain Retreat Benefits

The Top 3 Benefits of a Relaxing Mountain Retreat.

Mountain RetreatThe business of life along with our never-ending ‘to-do’ lists can offer little opportunity to sit back, relax, and enjoy the moment. The benefits of a mountain retreat can greatly improve our health, happiness, and quality of life.

Life is meant to be enjoyed, explored, and lived to the fullest!

By taking a much needed and well-deserved retreat into the fresh air of the scenic Smokey Mountains you’ll experience a number of benefits for the mind, body, and soul.

Today I’m going to share with you the Top 3 Benefits of a Relaxing Mountain Retreat.

1) Enjoy the Present

Most of the stress people face today has to do with running around trying to meet deadlines, pay bills, or deal with the frustrations of hour long commutes and screaming toddlers. When you step into the relaxing getaway of the beautiful Smoky Mountains, the pace of life just naturally slows down. There is just something magical about that fresh mountain air that makes you feel like everything is going to be okay. Before you know it your endless ‘to-do’ list has faded away from your mind. It doesn’t seem so urgent anymore.

Stuetz Mountain Retreat


2) Experience Quality Time Alone or With Family

As soon as you start navigating the winding roads of the beautiful mountain’s curves, you are instantly transported to a place where time seems to stand still.  Things become more simple and it creates the perfect atmosphere for connecting with your roots and your inner self. You may find yourself flipping through a heartfelt novel, sitting around the warm glow of a nice evening campfire or going on an adventurous hike with your friends or family.

Stuetz Mountain Retreat

3) Connect with Nature

There is no better place to enjoy the benefits of nature. In the mountains you are surrounded by the very best of what the land has to offer. You’ve got the magnificent and thriving trees standing tall all around you while creating the most clean, oxygenated air that will have you breathing deeply and getting the best sleep of your life! There are many animals nearby too. At our resort we enjoy having a dedicated area to care for and protect beautiful wild life that will be a real treat for you and your family. We have everything from hens to mountain goats to a rescued fawn who loves to greet our visitors while visiting her living quarters.  Not to mention, the wildlife that you can find while going on an adventurous hike that begins right at the footsteps of your cabin.

Stuetz mountain retreat

With great views, beautiful sites, and lots to do in such a breathtakingly beautiful place, I am so grateful for the opportunity to share all of this with you! Schedule your visit with us today,we’d love to have you!


  1. Brian King says

    This is definitely where you want to stay!!! Very beautiful and the most amazing people ever!! This is sure where I will stay everytime I come back.. They are pretty close to everything but far enough out that it is quiet and very relaxing and also some great views. Everything is very well maintained and clean, cabins, hot tub, sauna, etc. and also well landscaped.. Thanks again Tammy for everything, We really enjoyed it and will be back in October

  2. Courtney Gibeau says

    I loved staying here it’s awesome the bed was comfortable the cabin itself was very nice when you walked out the front door you have a over look of the mountains theirs trails you can take we had a beautiful red bird and humming bird that came up every morning just awesome people around are great I know we will be staying here for now on when we come thank you Tammy for everything you have done

  3. Holger Kannegieter says

    I was here during a business trip. I met Tammy and Sam the first time and they are wonderful. Both were very friendly and helpful. Nice people. Sam tells me how great it is to life there in the Smoky Mountains and Tammy showed me her home and area and in this short time I felt calm and peaceful. Here is the place where you can relax. You feel the power of nature and your mind is in a short time one with the surroundings. The view of the Mountains, the Forest and the sound of cicadas ( the time I was there) was overwhelming. Far away of the pressure of weekdays in the rollercoaster of business life. The cabins or houses, which you can lease are a dream. Comfortable and clean with the color of warm wood. Each a piece of jewelry. A good mix of “be simple”. You can see, here is all made with mind and love. Very significant and the message lies in the air. Relax and let go. That’s my impression. I like to remember at this very short time and I hope really I have time to come back. Greetings to Tammy and Sam. Have a good life.
    Best Regards Holger

  4. We just returned home from an unforgettable experience staying in the tiny owl cabin. It is so cozy! A few times it rained so we sat together in sitting room and watched out the window. We cooked most of our meals outside over the nice fire pit, but the the kitchen had everything we needed. Sam and Tammy were so nice, we can hardly wait to visit again!

  5. Dusty Metcalf says

    This place is uh-maz-ing!!! Tammy and Sam were great, super friendly hosts that are super down to earth! They have a beautiful piece of property. We stayed in the tiny fox cabin with our 2 dogs. They have trails, and let dog friendly dogs roam. Its a cozy farm like atmosphere complete with chickens, goats, sheep, and bee hives. Very rustic retreat but also has perks such as hot tub, fresh honey, fresh eggs and veggies when available. Our pups even had their own private pond to swim in! I would recommend this place to a couple for a romantic getaway or a family looking to get away. Right inside of mountains, and forest, plenty of great hiking on premise. If you want to go into the smokey’s though don’t bring your dogs. That would be one thing that would be a nice addition. If they added a covered boarding kennel where pooches could stay. Can’t wait to see what they have going there next time, and rent some atv’s! Thank you Tammy and Sam for the great trip, we will definitely be back!!

  6. Jackie Horner says

    Rustic Mountain is an awesome place to stay!
    The cabin itself is very nice, it’s clean and the beds are very comfortable.
    The view is were it’s at though! It is an awesome view!!! There is a nice fire pit with chairs overlooking the beautiful view, it’s really breathtaking. This is a definite 10 , we Will be back!
    Thank you Samuel and Tammy for sharing your slice of paradise!

    Jackie and Ken,
    Charleston, SC

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